Retro acrylic press on nails

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Be fully Retro ready with these handmade, custom fit, salon quality press on nails. 

RETRO PRESS ON NAILS will finish off your look for your big Retro night out!  Each set is custom made to fit you.  Nails can applied with glue or tabs and reused.  

Limited edition, fully customised in a classic coffin shape.  These nails will transform your hands from drab to fab in no time! An absolute must for all true RETRO fans.  Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery on all orders 💋💋. ORDER NOW FOR RETRO IN THE PARK!

The nails are handmade by big Retro fan, the fabulous Louise Dixon. 

When you order, please measure your nails as instructed on the images below and add a note with your sizes on the order or email with your order number and the size of each nail.